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Seneca Dragon Claw PCP Air Rifle, Bolt Action, .50 Caliber, 21.60″ Barrel


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Seneca Dragon Claw air rifle

  • Precharged pneumatic (PCP)
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled barrel
  • Bolt-action
  • Fixed front sight
  • Fully adjustable, removable rear sight
  • Dual air chambers (500cc total air capacity)
  • 3,000 psi max fill pressure
  • Built-in manometer (pressure gauge)
  • 11mm scope rail (use only compact scopes)
  • 2 power levels (first bolt stop is low power, second is high)
  • Hardwood Monte Carlo stock with checkered forearm & grip
  • Raised right-hand cheekpiece
  • Includes Male Quick-Disconnect Foster Fill Connection on rifle

How many shots will you get from your 500cc Dragon Claw? Our tech department filled their dual-tank air rifle to 3,000 psi, loaded it with 210-grain bullets and let loose! They shot the first 4 shots on high power. The first shot was 669 fps. Shot 4 was 681 fps.

The next 16 bullets were shot on low power. Shot 5 was 593 fps, and the final shot on low power was 456 fps. That brought the tank down to 800 psi for a total of 20 shots.

This shows you what one gun can do. Velocity and psi levels will vary gun to gun.


The Seneca Dragon Claw throws a .50-caliber projectile and gets 230 ft-lbs. of muzzle energy, giving you the power to compete with firearms when hunting. This rifle can humanely and quickly take out feral hogs, javelinas, coyotes, foxes, nutria, possums, woodchucks, raccoons and similar-sized animals. Checkout our interactive airgun hunting map to see what’s legal in your state.

Dragon Claw is a very versatile air rifle. You can choose between shooting either lead ammo or air bolts getting an even higher muzzle energy. Rifled barrel makes the air bolts deadly accurate.

Because this gun has two large air reservoirs, you have the luxury of getting more shots from a fill and to do more hunting.


  • Andrew from USA asked:

    Can I add a moderator to this?

    • Mark from USA answered:

      Yes . The muzzle is threaded and has a cap.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    Thank you for all your patience… So just to be clear the smooth bore will fit on the gun but what you are saying is it will not function properly because the internals of the firing mech are different and the charge delivered by the wing shot is larger than drag claw? If this is the case is it just the hammer and valve springs that are different or are the firing valves themselves different? Is there anywhere one could get a parts break down of both guns? Air venturi tech dep is unavailable currently..

    • Mark from USA answered:

      The guns look similar but their internals a very different. Barrel swapping would require machining one barrel to fit the other gun. An expensive proposition. This is from the Tech Dept.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    I am deeply sorry for all the questions…pyramid tech dep is unavailable… I don’t understand why the smooth barrel from wing shot would not fit on the drag claw… looking at this vid you can see how the barrel attaches to receiver.. both barrels have an I.D. of .50″ and seem to have the breech port in the same place the wing shot barrel measures 15/16th longer but I assume the the choke is what accounts for the longer length… it being longer doesnt seem to be an issue any how as the barrel is retained by the band held in place by the retainer on the reservoirs… why would this not work?? Is the O.D. of the barrels different or pehaps the mounting to the reciever ? Different hammer or valve springs? Transfer port? Again im sorry for the excess of questions…

    • Mark from USA answered:

      The interior construction of the guns are different, You can not simply swap out the barrels.This is direct from the Tech Dept. There are different firing valves. and other internal differences.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    Are parts diagrams available for this gun as well as the wing shot? I may be wrong but it appears that the internals of both gun seem identical minus the low power selector on the on dragon claw… i could be missing something… are the receivers for the barrels cut to different specs? Also is the recluse the same gun as the drag claw but chambered in .357?

    • Mark from USA answered:

      The Seneca guns are related but not the same. Parts are not interchangeable. Barrels do not swap out between guns.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    The barrel on the dragon claw appears to be threaded at the muzzle… would it accept the choke for the wing shot??

    • Mark from USA answered:

      No. The choke is an internal thread. The Dragon Claw muzzle is an external thread.

  • Matt from USA asked:

    The Dragon Claw and the Wing shot appear to be the same gun with different barrels and the dragon claw having a second reservoir… Pyramid sells a replacement barrel and shroud for the wing shot(PY-A-8731 and Air Venturi Barrel Rail For… ) Would the barrel and shroud from the wing shot fit on the dragon claw?? it would be nice to have the option to switch between a riffled and smooth barrel just like swapping barrels on a powder burner…

    • Mark from USA answered:

      No the guns are built differently. You can not do a simple barrel swap.

  • Benjamin from USA asked:

    Would it be possible to use a male foster with built in check valve to fix my check valve sticking issues? Its very frustrating my check valve is getting stuck more times than not after filling….. What im asking is will this be a quick fix?

    • Mark from USA answered:

      To make sure the Dragon Claw check valve closes.When still connected to the air source tilt the gun muzzle down. Rap the muzzle sharply against something solid. When you bleed the air line bleed as quickly as possible. These steps should help.


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